Wait, what exactly are you building?

We call it "Live Integration." 

Every time you save, Windmill uploads your change to the cloud and immediately runs the best analysis (lint, compile, test, etc.) It gives you live, intelligent feedback that makes your inner loop tighter.

How is this different than my Continuous Integration server?

Your CI server is a batch process. It sees you every couple of hours when you remember to push your changes to source control.

Windmill sees you every minute. We can train our model on your common mistakes and which changes break which tests. Windmill learns to run the best test for your next minute of development.

How is this different than my IDE?

Your IDE is limited by your local computer.

Windmill can be faster and deeper because it runs on the cloud.

Why aren't you building a Web IDE like everybody else?

We believe that Web IDEs are the wrong approach.

Let us try to explain with a historical analogy. Twenty years ago, the tech industry was struggling to move databases to the cloud. We didn't solve that by starting from MySQL and directly parallelizing it. We had to invent a set of abstractions first: MapReduce, Bigtable, NoSQL, Hadoop.

Our hypothesis is that devtools are at a similar crossroads. We don't have basic abstractions yet for building and testing in the cloud. Our mission is to start from better abstractions, then explore what new products they make possible.

Is this a business?

We hope so!

Let's go back to our Hadoop analogy. Once our industry figured out how to throw lots of computers on large data processing problems, it opened up entirely new business opportunities for data analytics.

Similarly, our hypothesis is that if we leverage lots of computers so that we save time waiting for tests, we'll gladly pay to do that and find entirely new tests to run.

Do you have a product I can try?


To use the live integration, you have to be on the whitelist. Use the contact form to send us your Github username.

While you're waiting for us to whitelist you, you can browse the tutorial and documentation.

Start here.

Why is the link to your product buried deep in your FAQ?

We are small, and focused on making Windmill great. Our attention is limited. We are not looking for thousands of users. Instead, we're looking for:

1) Design partners who are unhappy with their build & test process. We want to work closely with you to figure out how Windmill fits best into your workflow. We only have the attention to work with 3-5 teams.

2) Engineers and developer advocates to build this product and explore what it could become.

Most importantly, we want to work with people who are excited for the next generation of distributed build systems.

If you've read this far, maybe that's you?