Who We're Looking For

We're hiring engineers in New York City.

We care about building an inclusive team where we all feel safe to do our best work. We care less about your past (education, work history) than the future. Interest? Curious? We'd love to chat.



We're building a community of developers who are excited for live, interactive microservice development.
We want to be doing experiments with short cycle times. We spend 1-3 weeks building A Thing, putting The Thing in front of users, and distilling the response to That Thing into the next experiment.
We need you to be the point person to collect feedback on what's working and what's not.

What You’ll Do

  • Talk to engineering teams and understand how their existing build & test pipelines work
  • Identify teams that would be good design partners to help us shape products
  • Design tooling and configuration to make it easier for teams to use live development
  • Collect feedback on where users are finding the most value, and where there are barriers to entry
  • Help us build a team culture where everyone's doing their best work

Past experience with user field studies is a big plus. Our ideal candidate is an active member of the Kubernetes community, or has experience helping enterprise customers try out infrastructure-as-a-service.